About Me

Hey everyone, I'm Chris from SyncMain.

    I'm a game programmer, currently working at Ember Lab. I also run a YouTube channel where I share videos of me talking about programming. I have side projects, primarily games and applications I work on by myself. Some examples are below. I have a Github page but all of my repositories are private. That might change in the future if I have anything I feel others could benefit from having been shared. I'm tempted to just post things like that here though - I'm not a fan of git in general and the whole copilot being trained on Github code thing doesn't sit right with me.

Trying to contact me? Email me at chris[at]syncmain.com, or @SyncMainDev on Twitter and @SyncMain on Instagram.

Me at Ready at Dawn


Shipped Games

    Games I've contributed to that have shipped: Whispering Willows, Bioshock 1 & 2 Remastered, XCOM 2 (Console Port), Mafia 3, Civilization 6, Prey (2017), The Sims 4 (Console Port), Borderlands Remastered, Lone Echo 2, Hearthstone (Content released late 2020 to early 2023.)

Engines used: Unreal (2.5, 3, 4, 5), Crytek, Unity, and studio specific ones (for Mafia 3, Civ6, The Sims, Lone Echo 2.) RAD Engine was the best.


    This is my game engine project. I'm building it with C++, SDL, DearImgui, Assimp, stb_image, and OpenGL. I intend to ship a 'boomer shooter' with it one day, and at some point open source it for others to use or learn from. Over time I'll be writing more of my own portions and rely less on 3rd party libraries. I have it running on Windows and MacOS.

Spinning metal boxes in space.

Project Sleep

    I had a nightmare, drew what I saw from memory, and am now building a world around it. I'm using Blender to build the models, and every time I finish one I can do it 10x better if I start over. Trying not to start over is the biggest challenge.

Demon in the middle of a checkerboard floor.